Responsibilities of Session Organizers

Session organizers are responsible for:

  • Inviting 6 prospective authors (academics, researchers and practitioners known in the field for their acknowledged work) to submit paper contributions. Together, the papers in this session should, in a complementary way, cover in breadth and in depth the thematic topic of your choice. This topic should contribute to the overall goals of the conference, and should be compatible with its specific objectives.
  • Organizing and carrying out the peer-review process on the basis of the full paper or of an extended abstract. Session organizers will have the option of organizing the review of invited contributions through the CMS (i.e., they will be able to assign reviewers for each submission, send an automated invitation, monitor the responses of the reviewers, send to the authors the review results).
  • Requesting the camera-ready version of accepted papers.  Once session organizers complete the review process for paper proposals and communicate the review results to the authors, they are kindly asked to request through the CMS ( the final, camera-ready version of these proposals. An automated email is then sent to the authors with all necessary instructions and a specific area is activated in the CMS where authors can upload their final paper and Copyright Form.
  • Setting up intermediate deadlines with the authors in a way that would ensure that the camera-ready version (full paper, typically 12 pages but no less than 10 and no more than 20 pages) of all session papers reach the Conference Organizers by the deadline of 23 February 2018 (extended deadline).
  • Checking the final version of submitted papers and approve it through the CMS by clicking on the respective button that will appear next to each paper title. If session organizers think that a submitted file needs improvement, they should contact the corresponding authors by email and ask them to upload a revised version, which session organizers should check again. Only those papers, for which session organizers click the "Approve" button, will be included in the Conference Proceedings. More detailed instructions about the submission of the camera-ready papers will follow in due course.

Tentative Time Schedule


Please find below a tentative time-schedule, which you may wish to consider while setting-up your session proposal:

send out invitations through the CMS to potential session participants/authors, followed by personal contact

deadline for receiving through the CMS a 1-2 page abstract from the authors

deadline for providing feedback and notification of acceptance to the authors

deadline for receiving the full version of the paper from the authors

provide feedback and final acceptance and/or suggestions for improvement of the papers to the authors

final version of the camera-ready full papers submitted through the CMS to be checked/approved by the session organizer

For HCII 2018 we plan to have 2-hourly parallel sessions with normally 6 papers each. Papers are allocated approximately 15 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for question-and-answer period following each presentation.

  • If you end-up with less than 6 presenters, your session may be allocated with relevant papers submitted through the regular submission process.
  • If you end-up with more than 6 papers, you are most welcome to consider extending your session in two parallel sessions.
If you have decided to have a co-organizer for your session, please send an email to with the full contact details of your co-organizer so that he/she is also given access to the CMS.