Student Design Competition: Video Presentations

In the context of the HCII2018 Student Design Competition, nineteen (19) video submissions have been accepted for presentation at the conference:

  • Wednesday, 18 July, 08:00 - 10:00 (room: Milano IV)
  • Wednesday, 18 July - Friday, 20 July, Booth 403, Exhibition area

Regarding the Student Design Competition, all accepted video clip submissions will be successively presented for viewing, on Wednesday, 18 July, 08:00 - 10:00 in the Room Milano IV. They will also be repeatedly presented for the entire duration of the conference (Wednesday 18 July to Friday 20 July) at the Booth 403 in the Exhibition Area. Authors are welcome to arrange to be available and present at this Booth at predetermined days and times in order to meet interested conference participants and discuss the work presented in their video clip.

All accepted video clip submissions have been evaluated by a distinguished seven-member international committee acting as the jury to select the three award winners.

Award winning presentations

An ontological knowledge-base to assist machine-level comprehension of emotions for patient-computer interaction
Rebecca Lin, Muhammad Amith, Chen Liang, Rui Duan, Yong Chen, Cui Tao, United States
Clothes With Great Dreams
Jiali Zhang, Honglei Wang, Chenyue Sun, Xiaolin Jia, Yan Qin, Kexin Yang, Jiaxin Liu, P.R. China
A Haptic-Gripper Fine Motor Training System for Children with Autism
Huan Zhao, United States
We Care: Integrated Helping System for people with physical limitations
Shreepriya Shreepriya, Andrea Bottia, Yaoji Du, Italy
WYRED Platform, the ecosystem for the young people
Alicia García-Holgado, Spain
Let’s Go Outside -- a telecommunication assistant system for people with inconveniences
Minghao Cai, Japan
A New Virtual Keyboard with Finger Gesture Recognition for AR/VR devices
Tae-Ho Lee, Hyuk-Jae Lee, Korea
How Much is too Much Monitoring for a Single Air Traffic Controller Performing Multiple Remote Tower Operations
Peter Kearney, Ireland
TSEiA - The Story Envisioning Agent
Qiang Zhang, Japan
Augmented Reality Based Driving Training
Xin Lei, P.R. China
iNurse: AR-Based Medication Assistance for the Older Adults
Xingchen Zhou, Raphael Maas, Christian Oertel, Paula Machado, Ehsan Taheri, Supisa Chuensiwa, P.R. China
Teaching multimodal behaviors for a humanoid robot using immersive teleoperation
Duc-Canh Nguyen, Gérard Bailly, Frédéric Elisei, France
tac.tic: Tactile design language for indoor-outdoor navigation
Chirag Murthy, India
AR-based Mobile Application for Exposure Therapy
Bryan McQuade, United States
Smart TV for Older Adults: A Comparative Study of the Mega Menu and Tiled Menu
Xiwen Ouyang, Jia Zhou, P.R. China
Drivers Companion -A Brand New Interactive Steering Wheel
Jia Yu, Cheng Hung Yang, P.R. China
Motivations to Join Fitness Communities on Facebook: Which Gratifications are Sought and Obtained?
Aylin Ilhan, Germany
Promoting Cultural Heritage using Virtual Reality
Giannis Drossis, Greece
A Cooperative Automation Design for Manned-Unmanned Teaming in Future Military Helicopter Missions
Yannick Brand, Fabian Schmitt, Axel Schulte, Germany